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Sometimes the universe provides incredible gifts.

Imagine what it would be like to find your dream home come for sale during a global pandemic.  In peak times of real estate bidding wars, imagine that your bid actually won.  Imagine that one of those new home owners is an esthetician by trade, only to discover that said newly acquired dream home is legally zoned for a personal service business.  This dream became glorious reality to Amy.  In a time where the personal service industry has faced the longest duration of closures, restrictions and was the hardest hit industry than any other public service sector… this home listing, bid win, move, zoning discovery, spa build and successful opening was none other than a miraculous universal gift despite happening during some of the most trying of times. 

After over twenty-five years of advancing her career in the beauty industry, the pandemic situation did not have permission to force Amy into a different industry of work.  She refused to allow it.  When she was young, she was lucky to have found her passion and develop key tools to make a fulfilling career of it.  This passion and drive has never lost steam.   From treatment provider, to team leader, to college level instructor, to regional education, to territory management and now business ownership, this is what sums up Amy’s wonderful career path. 


Amy’s mission is to simply share.  Share her knowledge, share a helping hand, share tried and true methods of self-betterment.  She to loves to teach, but also to learn.  Despite working in an educators role for more than half of her career span, she has never stopped learning by attending conferences, trade shows, enrolling in new courses annually and updating her credentials, voluntarily.

In addition to the joy she receives in witnessing her student’s success, some of her other career highlights are; being the published and featured makeup artist for Toronto’s Elevate Magazine in 3 issues, working with Olympic hockey champs Becky Kellar and Cheryl Pounder, makeup for Canadian rocker Sass Jordan and pampering some wives of former Toronto Maple Leaf hockey players with spa treatments.

Amy is honoured to have been recruited to sit and remains to be an active member of the esthetics Program Advisory Committee (PAC committee) for Niagara College, Lambton College and St Clair College.

A cause which Amy is an advocate for, is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a permanent brain injury caused by in-utero exposure to alcohol and/or narcotics.  For this cause, Amy attends annual conferences, caregiver support groups and fund raisers.  She strives to act as a catalyst for awareness and open dialog to aid in prevention.

When she is not working, Amy can be found enjoying her time with husband Paul, step-sons Christopher and Ashlin and her sweet basset hound Daisy.  Amy credits much of her personal and career success to her extremely supportive husband, parents, closest girlfriends and sister.

A.S. Esthetics and Training invites you to relax, learn and renew.

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"To anyone looking for advanced training, I highly recommend Amy! 
She travelled to me to train me on spray tanning and again for volume lash extensions.  It was detailed, thorough and hands-on training.  She provides on-going, post-course mentorship too, just a text or phone call away. 
It's such peace of mind for my business knowing she is always there for me."

- Pamela Green
  Pamelash Spa

"Amy is the best esthetics teacher in the world. 
I am forever thankful for my quality of education from her. 
You will never find another teacher like her."

~ Jagtar Ahluwalia
  Headmaster Salon and Spas

"Amy is a highly skilled esthetician and talented makeup artist.  Best of all, she is personable and makes you feel comfortable. 
Amy did an incredible job on my makeup for my wedding day.  As someone who is not used to wearing makeup, I was blown away at how she brought out my best features, while still keeping a natural look. 

Thanks Amy, for your amazing service!"

~ Adrienne Ockenden

"Any time I leave Amy, I feel beautiful and pampered. 
Whether it's a pedicure, manicure or waxing, she's always professional, knowledgeable, skillful and makes me feel at ease. 
I've never had the polish on my toes last as long as from her!"

~ Jenifer Gault

"While there are many spas and spa services in our region, I must say that my favourite is right by my hometown.  A.S. Esthetics Spa has such a warm, inviting atmosphere with simple, sophisticated decor which puts you instantly at ease.  Amy is friendly, well versed in her products and techniques and genuinely cares about the health and well-being of her clients.  I have never felt uncomfortable or "upsold" as I have in some other spas, and have never had a facial and neck massage that comes close to Amy's.  I can escape the everyday routine there- truly a relaxing home away from home and a great way to be pampered.  Self care should be top priority for us all.  See you there!"

~ Laura Greenshields

"As a person working for the public health department, my daily work helps develop, enforce and maintain public health and safety by both businesses and practitioners who provide personal services.  In my professional opinion, you could not find a private facility which exceeds standards of operation quite like Amy's. 
As a woman and spa goer myself, I could not recommend choosing Amy enough.  Where else can you find a senior esthetician and respected educator offering expert services in such an intimate setting? 
It's just the best of both worlds!"

~ Kym Morris

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Amy Somerville
A.S. Esthetics & Training

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