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Helping you make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

  • Booking and Cancellations
    Although no deposit is required to reserve your spot, please know that your appointment time is set aside specifically for you. If, for unforeseen circumstances you must cancel your appointment, please adhere to a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice, so your spot may be filled. To book appointments, to cancel or report lateness, please call or text 905-691-3318, or email Treatments will be provided strictly by appointment request only. Walk-ins are not permitted. A.S. Esthetics Spa is a licensed, registered, insured and exclusive, private facility. Located in a legally zoned residential/commercial neighbourhood, in the beautiful and historic city of Guelph, Ontario. Treatment bookings will be accepted and scheduled after our screening process has been completed and approved. This screening process is in place for the purpose of ensuring client/treatment provider compatibility and safety. Once the screening process has been completed and approved, the spa address will be provided.
  • Parking
    Spa parking is ample, free and available on premises, as well as on the street.
  • Spa Arrival
    Please note that at this time, a health screening questionnaire will be required to be completed at your time of arrival, before your treatments may begin. Due to current safety measures, please arrive a maximum of 5 minutes only, before your treatment time begins. This will minimize number of people within close proximity. Please leave your shoes at the door. There are hooks behind each treatment room door to hang your coat, sweater and/or handbag.
  • Tranquility
    Upon entry, please turn your mobile device sound and vibration off, in order to ensure your best quality of experience.
  • What To Wear
    Please wear what makes you feel comfortable. We are fully equipped to cater to each guests’ comfort level, and privacy concerns. The facility and treatment rooms are equipped with central heating, central air conditioning and window ventilation. Many guests ask us if they should bring anything in particular, especially when they are having a facial or massage. -For facial treatments, you will be provided a securely closing wrap robe and headband. -For facial treatments, lash extensions, and spray tans, if you have mid-length or long hair, it is best advised for you to bring a hair tie and/or clips. Some elastics may be provided. -For massage, (non-r.m.t) please know that best practices for linen draping are utilized. This means that only the limb or body part being worked on, will be respectfully exposed. All other areas will be covered, for your comfort. -For lash extensions, please wear what will ensure your comfort level both physically and temperature-wise. Blankets and neck pillows are always provided. -For pedicures, please bring thong sandals with you to leave with. -For spray tans, please arrive with or bring very loose fitting, non-constricting clothing and footwear to leave with. This is crucial for the successful development and end-result of your tan. Tall boots, yoga pants, fitted jeans and leggings are not suitable to wear after spray tans, and will interfere with the result. Maxi dresses, for example, are great.
  • Children
    Spa services are offered to children, however a parental guardian must be present for any services provided to children under 16. The spa is a place to rest and recharge our batteries. If your scheduled treatment is for yourself, please secure babysitting arrangements in advance, in order for you to come and enjoy with maximum benefit.
  • Sanitation Practices
    All non-disposable implements are washed, dried and then fully sterilized in hospital grade, environmentally safe chemo-sterilant. This procedure eliminates all traces of active and inactive pathogens, including viruses, fungus and bacteria. Single-use disposable items such as files, cuticle sticks, buffers and mascara wands are disposed of immediately after treatment use, or you are welcome to take them home for future use on yourself only. Those items, should you choose to take them home, are not permitted to return to the spa. New, clean supplies, items and tools will be used every time. Hand sanitizer is widely available in the spa, as well as anti-bacterial soap and single-use hand towels. Guests and staff are required to wear masks at all times, currently.
  • Health Concerns
    Please notify us before your treatments, if: -you are pregnant (or might be) -have any allergies (to any substance for any reason including dietary, environmental, or medical) -diabetes -high blood pressure -any other physical ailments, injuries or disabilities Thorough screening will be conducted before any and all treatments will begin, before products will be applied, and before at-home product and routine recommendations are made. Please do communicate to us how you are feeling during your service. If there is anything at all that you would like us to address, please do not hesitate to voice it.
  • Personal Articles
    A.S. Esthetics and Training is not responsible for any lost, forgotten, damaged, or stolen personal articles.
  • Shaving
    Shaving is not recommended soon before a body treatment, massage or men’s facial. However, if you choose to shave, please do so four (4) hours prior to your service, at the earliest. If preparing for a spray tan, it is very important that all forms of unwanted hair removal be completed 24-48 hours before your appointment. Please see all very important spray tan preparation and after care requirements in the booking section.
  • Payment Methods
    We accept E-Transfer, cash and A.S. Esthetics Spa Gift Cards at this time. In order to redeem a gift certificate, it must be presented at the time of your service.
  • Equality
    A.S. Esthetics and Training is a business with an all-encompassing mindset and belief system, with regards to equality. Both courses/classes and the spa facility itself is an entirely welcoming and safe space for those in, and supporters of, the LGBTQ+ community. People of all ages, ethnicities, gender, gender identities and orientations are accepted whole heartedly.
  • Safety and Referrals
    If you feel inclined to share about your positive experience at this spa with others, and would like to recommend and encourage others to also indulge, you are most welcome to and it will be very much appreciated. Please note, however, that although this is a licensed business, it is located inside of a private residential facility. As such, we ask that you please do not post the spa address on public forums. The address will/can be provided to individuals after a brief but important pre-screening process has been completed. Thank you kindly for your support and respect for our safety and privacy.
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